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Getting Back to Basics

One of the most challenging lessons I’ve had to accept is that the process of progress is not linear. This month we at The VisionHeiry Mood are taking the time to get back to basics personally and in the business. We encourage you to do the same and to welcome your restart with grace.

The past year and a half have required all of us to practice patience, pivot, recalibrate, and more. These moments have impacted us both personally, and professionally and it is important to acknowledge that fact. In times such as these and all throughout life it is critical to take a moment or a few moments.. To regroup yourself and find your footing for your next steps.

Taking a moment to regroup allows you the time to process so you can move with purpose and intention even in the midst of uncertainty. Staying connected to yourself and where you’re at ensures you’re not moving beyond your capacity or in a mode of action when you need to be in a mode of stillness.

Today as you read this, our goal is that you are reminded of the following:

Progress is not linear

There will be moments on your journey to accomplish our professional goals and personal goals where you will be operating full steam ahead. These times will feel action packed, full of growth spurts, and riddled with challenges that aid in your development. It is easy to categorize these times as changing of season and the like when the progression is obvious. There will also be times of inward reflection, downtime and rest, as well as creative resets. These moments are just as critical on the journey and cannot be looked at as regression. Forward steps in mindset and perspective can be equally if not more fruitful than physical momentum and rest and recovery are essential for you to carry on in any area of your life.

Know what you need to reestablish your baseline

No one knows what you need better than you. Checking in with yourself regularly is how you get to know yourself and thereby understand what you need and when. Any time you feel like you need to get back to basics and regain a rhythm in your progress you need to listen to yourself more than ever. Check in with yourself through journaling, talking outloud, or critical reflection to understand where your mindset is around your progress and your goals. This can often lead to a recalibration that forces you to remember why your goals are your goals and assess what your priorities are. It is important to be open to your own responses and feelings. If steps you are taking cause anxiety or feel forces, ask yourself why you’re taking these steps and if there are other paths that may be better for you to achieve your goals.

There are benefits to objectively evaluating where you are to gain an informed understanding of where you are going next

If you can’t be honest with yourself, that is where you need to start. Being able to reflect on previous actions without shame or judgement is important for a healthy inner relationship with yourself. Acknowledge that previous actions resulted in your current circumstances so as you lay out your next steps you can choose to take different steps for different results.

There will always be moments in life that are unpredicted and out of our control. We can control the steps we take to navigate this uncertainty. Taking a moment to remind yourself who you are, why you’re on the path you are, what you need to carry on will keep you on track on purpose. Life is not linear and neither is our journey throughout it. Give yourself grace and the space to recalibrate when needed. Trust the things you know about yourself and find a flow that works for you.

If there are moments you feel out of rhythm, acknowledge them and evaluate what you need to get yourself back on track. We are constantly evolving and growing. What once worked may need to be changed for the person you are now and that is okay.

Give yourself grace and be open to the growth you experience and the different versions of yourself that this life produces.

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