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Explore your Imagination and Expand your Creativity.

As an entrepreneur your imagination and creativity are the ultimate tools for your success. After all, creating things we wished existed is how many of us VisionHeiries got here in the first place. Creativity in your business can range from operational processes and administrative organization to brand colors and partnership events. Imagination is involved at every level and creativity is required for each interaction.

This summer, taking the time to explore your imagination and expand your creativity are some of the best investments you can make. Personal enrichment and development will keep your business growing and in touch with the needs of your audience. As you travel, spend time with friends, and enjoy the outdoors, be open to these moments inspiring new ideas. If nothing else, the summer months can help test your openness to possibilities.

In previous blogs we’ve discussed the importance of focus, discipline, and sticking to your plan. A great way to incorporate balance as an entrepreneur is to also make time for fun and exploration, because when used as a tactic, this can have just as many positive results.

Here are 10 ways to explore your imagination and expand your creativity this summer:

  • Draw / Write / Paint / Journal / Brain Dump

  • Meditation / Yoga / Breath Work

  • Sitting in the Sun / Going on a Walk

  • Role playing games / improv acting / improv storytelling

  • Listen to new genres of music / Watch new genres of television & film

  • Travel to a new location and explore the local businesses

  • Take a local roads route when traveling and see different communities

  • Read a book purely for leisure (no self help or business books)

  • Try new food or cuisine

  • Enjoy the ride: Have someone else plan a day trip and make all the decisions that day

All of these activities introduce you to creative energy that can help remove blocks and expand your personal creativity. This discovery allows your imagination to explore new heights and therefore your creativity can expand to new areas.

This enhanced perspective will transfer into new possibilities for your business. Never underestimate the inspiration that can come from a single experience.

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