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Do Not Get Distracted

Many times we hear success stories and the advice is to “Stay Consistent”. Let’s face it, consistency is not always easy. Moments of inconsistency may occur but what’s important is not getting so distracted that your vision and goals are lost.

Distractions can come from people, problems, work, social media and overall lack of focus. However, we all know that life happens. There will always be something that may cause us to lose focus for a moment but it is important not to allow it to last for more than a moment.

This is easier said than done, but let’s take the time to learn how to push past fears, obstacles and procrastination.

The vision will not sustain unless the decision is made to solely focus on goals that are aligned with your vision.

Fear is a natural and emotional response to feeling threatened or lack of confidence in abilities.

  • Many times fear comes from not knowing what may happen next or lack of knowledge on how to do something. It is important to educate yourself in every area of your business to diminish being scared due to not knowing.

  • Fear can also be crippling when we allow it to be the forefront of our decisions. Some example of fear included telling yourself you are not good enough

Obstacles can come in many different forms. Experience of mishaps may occur, loss of someone or something important, or other outside factors.

  • When experiencing obstacles it may be the first instinct to retreat or run from your goals.

  • We also may decide to busy ourselves instead of using our time wisely when we are most productive. We may want to push ourselves past how we are feeling or what we are experiencing but that does not lead to working as our best self.

Procrastination can be the result of many different factors. It could be a sign of avoidance or difficulty to produce when a task does not seem appealing.

  • Intimidation can lead to procrastination because the task may take too long or the task is so big.

  • Sometimes procrastination is developed due to patterns of laziness and putting off tasks to the next day and the next.

How to push past those distractions:

Do not be afraid to fail

  • Most times fear lies in the fear of failure and not being perfect. It’s okay to fail because in failure there are lessons each time you fall there is opportunity to get back up and be better.

  • Be confident in yourself, your goals, your vision and your capabilities. The more you seek positivity the more failures will be seen as learning moments instead of setbacks.

Never lose sight of the vision

  • Oftentimes when obstacles occur we forget why we started, who we started for and what our end goal is.

  • Manifest your vision by speaking positivity over everything in your life.

Set attainable goals

  • Goal setting is so vital for the execution of visions. When setting deadlines and timelines for goals make sure they are attainable for you and not out of your reach. When they are achieved it will be time to set more.

  • Set exciting goals. When working towards your vision your goals should be exciting and helpful to you reaching your vision. Not all goals will be exciting but finding the joy in tasks will help you keep going.

Reminder: Give yourself grace. Sometimes we get so burdened with everything that must be done for our business, brand or daily lives. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and decide to let that keep you from achieving your goals. When these emotions occur, use this as an opportunity to take time to rest and rejuvenate to go harder for you, your brand and your business.

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