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Nurture Your Vision and Goals

Nurturing your vision and goals begins is critical for growth. This begins with recognizing that your vision and goals are an extension of who you are. Nurturing and developing them are a form of self love and self respect.

When your vision comes to you, it will not come in the form of a conference call. What’s for you is truly...for YOU! This is important to accept because your vision requires your unique background, skills, experience, and perspective, to bring your unique vision to fruition. Give yourself the space and grace to receive what is for you. Respect and love yourself enough to value the thoughts and ideas that come through your mind and into your heart.

How can you start?

  • Write your vision down and make it plain

  • Assess what you needs to accomplish your goals and see your vision through, be mindful about what you have and what you will need to gather

  • Seek out resources for your have nots and needs and be open to where they may come from

Taking steps after acknowledging your vision is crucial... Purposeful thinking and action plans are what transform thoughts into dreams and dreams into a vision. From there isolating your vision into achievable and measurable goals ensures progression and accomplishment. It is important to be self reflective to know what an achievable goal for you and your vision look like. Once this occurs, you can identify milestones that will not only keep you encouraged but serve as guiding pillars on the journey.


In order to respect and show love you must first acknowledge what your vision is and what your goals are, and most importantly, why.

Here’s how you can do this:

  1. Track and check in with your goals regularly

  2. Confide in a confidant or accountability group and other supportive resources to keep yourself encouraged

  3. Believe in what you see and know that you are capable of achieving your goals

Just as you are growing and developing your goals and vision can develop as well. The same day you plant the tree is not the same day you eat the fruit so remember progression takes time. Check in and reflect with yourself regularly and bring that awareness to your vision plan and goals. You cannot pour from an empty cup so keeping yourself around support, staying encouraged, and believing in yourself are invaluable to remember.

You define when you are successful just as you define your path. Anything that grows needs to be nurtured and poured into. Your goals and vision are reflections of who you are and what you imagine as possible. Respect and love yourself enough to believe your vision and thoughts have value and gather the resources necessary to aid you in seeing them through.

Resource: Check out our Self Care x Productivity Guided Journal and Webinar

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